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 As Zero Hero Supporters, your donation gives survivors and their children the gift of hope. Access to funding for survivors and their children has the power to break the cycle of domestic violence, protect and save lives, and make a bright future possible for all Kentuckians experiencing domestic violence.

Flex Funds for Survivors Transitioning into Safe Housing. With rental and utility deposits as well as moving expenses, the task of transitioning from an emergency domestic violence shelter is costly. While many funding sources help cover some expenses, there are many other expenses that are not, including basic daily living items.

Whether it’s pots and pans for preparing meals, cleaning products for maintaining a healthy living environment, or mattresses and linens for a restful night’s sleep, these essential daily living items are fundamental to creating a safe and happy home. Your donation can go to support the needs of survivors of intimate partner violence, including the purchase of Welcome Home kits, which contain these essential daily living items. 

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