We are Kentucky united against violence

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ZeroV, formerly the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is the statewide coalition dedicated to creating safe lives and thriving futures for survivors of intimate partner violence and their children.

To achieve this, ZeroV examines all forms of violence, the cultural and social norms that sanction it, and the systems that perpetuate it. We do so through the lens of intimate partner violence and intersectionality to develop informed solutions that work for our most vulnerable Kentuckians.

ZeroV believes that a world safe for survivors is safe for everybody and that the responsibility of creating this world lies with all of us, including our coalition, communities, and Commonwealth. As a Kentucky united against violence, our work will persist until the violence in our state is ZERO.

We Advocate by amplifying the voices of survivors of intimate partner violence through our policy work and legislative efforts.

We Support by providing safe, affirming, trauma-informed care for survivors of intimate partner violence through our network of fifteen regional domestic violence shelters serving all 120 counties in Kentucky. 

We Empower by providing survivors of intimate partner violence with housing and financial support so that they can live independently from their abusive partners.

We Educate through training and technical assistance on intimate partner violence.

We Mobilize our members, partners, and the community.

And We Believe. We are grounded in the belief that intimate partner violence is a form of power-based violence and is part of a systemic pattern of oppression. We cannot eliminate it until we change the cultural and social norms that allow and sanction it, and we must act together if we are to cut the violence in our state to zero.

& Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To abolish the social conditions and systems that spark, enable, and amplify intimate partner violence and to create communities where all Kentuckians can live and thrive in safety and peace.   

Our Vision: All individuals, families, and communities have what they need to live in safety and thrive.  

Our Values

Trust. Encourages connection, respect; builds confidence; allows for vulnerability without fear of judgment.

Integrity. Builds a strong brand and reputation in the community; promotes honesty and transparency in our work; creates a healthy work culture.

Kindness. Encourages empathy; develops a culture of gratitude; promotes health and well-being.

Inclusion. Promotes collaboration and teamwork; values, respects, and supports the dignity and worthiness of each person; ensures equitable access to resources; fosters belonging.

Collective Acceleration. Encourages bold and fearless movement (leaping forward) in mutuality with “our universe” (i.e., those with whom we work and interact, including systems); promotes wholeness and unity.

Liberation. Challenges systems of power and privilege to generate social equity and social justice.

Cultural Competency & Humility. Ensures survivors of IPV are afforded the presumptions of innocence, worthiness, and competence; instills awareness through self-reflection of internal biases and privilege.