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A beacon of hope and healing for victims and survivors of the darkest chapters of their lives. Our roots can be traced back to our humble beginnings in 1980 as a small group of dedicated individuals who gathered around a kitchen table to tackle the need for domestic violence hotline and shelter.

Over the course of the past 43 years that response has developed and grown to become the leader and valued resource in the field of intimate partner violence, by providing a wide spectrum of services including education, prevention, advocacy and comprehensive support.

Our heart beats strong in the form of Lupe

a brave young woman who emerged from the darkness of domestic violence. ZeroV's trauma-informed care approach empowered Lupe to reclaim her life and her voice.

Through our Car IDA program, housing programming, and personalized case management, she transformed her pain into a powerful force for change. Empowered by our programming, Lupe has obtained her U.S. citizenship, an associates and bachelor's degree, a reliable vehicle, and a safe home where she and her daughter can live and play in safety.

Inspired by our guidance, Lupe embarks on a journey to raise awareness about the impact of trauma in her own work now as a case worker, becoming a driving force in advocating for refugees and preventing future victimization for parents and their children.

Every donation to ZeroV contributes to rewriting these stories of survival and strength. It's not just financial support, it's an investment in rebuilding lives, restoring dignity and providing a lifeline to those who need it most. The narrative of ZeroV is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the remarkable difference that a non-profit organization can make in the lives of those who face the darkest of challenges.

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With rental and utility deposits as well as moving expenses, the task of transitioning from an emergency domestic violence shelter is costly. While many funding sources help cover some expenses, there are many other expenses that are not, including basic daily living items.

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Your donation gives survivors and their children the gift of hope. Access to funding for survivors and their children has the power to break the cycle of domestic violence, protect and save lives, and make a bright future possible for all Kentuckians experiencing domestic violence.

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Our heart beats strong in the form of Brittny

a woman who endured escaping her abusive partner and entering shelter while she was 6 months pregnant. ZeroV becomes her lifeline offering her not just a safe place to rebuild her life, but a comprehensive support system that reaffirms her dignity and worthiness her abusive partner sought to take away from her.

Through her transition to ZeroV housing, just in time for the birth of her child, Brittny was given the peace and safety to focus on her future.  After the birth of her child, Brittny obtained employment at a local nursing home and began training to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Determined to create the violence-free future for her family, while on ZeroV's housing program Brittny pursued her local DV program's micro-loan program with the goal of repairing her credit and buying a house for her and her children. In just two year's time after residing in emergency shelter, Brittny was able to buy a house of her own and create the safe haven for her family she always dreamed of.