Our Work

ZeroV champions the dignity and worthiness of every survivor while recognizing the diverse and complicated issues that can affect their ability to live in safety and wholeness. We offer a range of programs and initiatives to address the complex causes and far-reaching impact of domestic violence, provide critical thought leadership on the intersecting needs of survivors, and work in partnership with our 15 member shelter programs, government agencies, and corporate and foundation partners to make meaningful and lasting change. Through our survivor-centered projects, ZeroV provides training, education, advocacy, and support at the intersection of domestic violence and several areas of need for survivors, including safe housing, economic empowerment, and prevention.

Member Program Support

We strengthen advocates, programs, practitioners, and communities in serving and responding to survivors of intimate partner violence through training, technical assistance, data compilation, special events and projects, and coordinated statewide awareness campaigns.

Our Certification Training empowers advocates. We offer our Member Program Staff online education and curriculum discussing trauma-informed best practices that support survivors in their work and everyday lives.

ZeroV Certification training empowers the changemakers of tomorrow. To learn more about our Certification program, contact Simone Marx at [email protected] today.

Our events and research projects help address the array of needs facing survivors in Kentucky. Through our special projects that focus on survivor empowerment and our major events that cultivate community awareness, we are creating a Commonwealth that's safe for everybody.

ZeroV is now accepting new sponsors. To learn more about sponsoring a special event or research project, visit our Become a Zero Hero page or contact Angela Conway at [email protected] today.

October kicks off Domestic Violence Awareness Month. ZeroV hosts various in-person and online events during the month of October to raise awareness, share resources, and inspire change that works toward ending domestic violence for all.

Follow us all October long on our socials using the hashtag #DVAM2023 campaign or join our mailing list for updates. To learn more about engagement opportunities, contact Allison Brown at [email protected] today.

Shop & Share 2024 is coming soon, February 2024. Shop & Share is ZeroV’s annual, statewide donation drive, put on in partnership with the First Lady of Kentucky, Kroger, and other regional grocery retailers. Each year on Superbowl Saturday, member program staff and dedicated Shop & Share volunteers ask their local communities to “Shop” for what they need and “Share” an item with their local intimate partner violence shelter program.

ZeroV is now accepting volunteer applications for Shop & Share 2024. To learn more about participating in Shop & Share 2024, contact Angela Conway at [email protected] today.

Our conference this year takes place November 29-December 1, 2023. Co-hosted by ZeroV and the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, our Conference for Ending Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence showcases the latest data, strategies, and programming, aimed at ending power-based personal violence in our Commonwealth. Attended by over 500+ advocates, strategic partners, practitioners, and more, our Conference is a hub for change-makers who believe in creating a Kentucky free from violence.

Event registration details coming soon. To learn more about participating in our annual conference, contact Lisa Gabbard at [email protected] today.

Housing Program

Housing is one of the primary needs of the survivors we serve. Our nationally recognized housing program works to provide short- and long-term housing solutions for survivors. We accomplish this by providing technical assistance to our member programs and other agencies working to house survivors; supportive case management to survivors housed by member programs; housing subsidies and case management directly to survivors; and co-developing tax credit units to increase the inventory of housing stock set aside for survivors. Our Housing Team works to connect and maintain relationships between various service providers to make it easier for survivors to access the services they need. The overarching goal of our housing program is to support survivors in achieving their goals so safely transition from surviving to thriving.

Your donation can go to support the needs of survivors of intimate partner violence transitioning into safe housing. Whether it’s pots and pans for preparing meals, cleaning products for maintaining a healthy living environment, or mattresses and linens for a restful night’s sleep, these essential daily living items are fundamental to creating a safe and happy home.

ZeroV is now accepting donations to assist in purchasing Welcome Home kits for survivors.Click here to make a donation to a survivor in need.

We partner with Property Developers to create safe housing solutions for survivors. ZeroV's Housing Programming offers more than monthly rental assistance, monthly utility allowances, utility deposits, and security deposits. Our housing program also provides households with Supportive Services including individualized case 
management, monthly landlord check-in, safety planning, and financial assistance with transportation, childcare costs, medical needs, and food insecurity.

ZeroV is now accepting new partnerships with landlords and property development groups. To learn more about becoming a ZeroV Property Development Partner, read our Landlord Brochure and contact Andrea Miller at [email protected] today.

Education, Accountability, and Change Program

For many survivors, the ultimate hope is not for the relationship to end, but for the violence in the relationship to stop. The goal of our Education, Accountability, And Change Program (EACP), formerly known as the Batterer Intervention Program (BIP), is to provide people who use violence with nonviolent problem-solving and coping tools that allow them to live healthier lives. EACP’s existence is required by state law and serves people who have been court-ordered to participate in the program. By investing in the EACP, we are taking a restorative and transformative approach to eliminating intimate partner violence.

Enhance your therapeutic practice by becoming a certified Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) provider. Through BIP programming, clients are given an opportunity to identify their abusive behavior and develop non-violent skills for building and sustaining safe relationships.

ZeroV is accepting new EAC provider certification applications. To learn more about becoming an EAC provider, contact Nakela Cleveland at [email protected] today.

To learn more about EAC/BIP Providers in your area, visit https://members.zerov.org/. For additional support, contact Nakela Cleveland at [email protected].

To access survivor and provider EAC/BIP resources, contact Nakela Cleveland at [email protected] today.

Public Policy Advocacy

Recognizing that federal, state, local, and organizational policy decisions affect survivors’ ability to reach and maintain safety and stability for themselves and their children, our Policy Team advocates for and provides guidance around the creation of survivor-informed policy initiatives. Through direct and grassroots lobbying at the state and federal level, executive branch agency lobbying, and collaboration with a wide variety of governmental, nonprofit, and advocacy organizations, our Policy Team staff are key to bringing the voice of survivors to the table when such policy initiatives are being considered. Throughout the year, whether during the legislative session or during the interim, the Policy Team works together with the Communications Team to shift the narrative around what survivors of IPV truly need to be safe, and to encourage policy makers to find real solutions that help survivors and their children achieve independence and stability.

We advocate for policy that creates a pathway forward for survivors. We work with community leaders, legislators, public health officials, and other partners to advocate for policies that clear the way for survivors and their families to stay safe, to heal, and — ultimately — to thrive.

ZeroV is leading the charge to create safe and healthy futures for survivors. To learn more about and get involved in our policy work, visit our Policy Center today.

We believe in trauma-informed and accurate reporting that uplifts survivors. For press inquiries, contact Angela Conway at [email protected] today.