a woman who endured escaping her abusive partner and entering shelter while she was 6 months pregnant. ZeroV becomes her lifeline offering her not just a safe place to rebuild her life, but a comprehensive support system that reaffirms her dignity and worthiness her abusive partner sought to take away from her.

Through her transition to ZeroV housing, just in time for the birth of her child, Brittny was given the peace and safety to focus on her future.  After the birth of her child, Brittny obtained employment at a local nursing home and began training to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Determined to create the violence-free future for her family, while on ZeroV's housing program Brittny pursued her local DV program's micro-loan program with the goal of repairing her credit and buying a house for her and her children. In just two year's time after residing in emergency shelter, Brittny was able to buy a house of her own and create the safe haven for her family she always dreamed of.