Policy Center

Through our network of 15 regional domestic violence shelters, we provide state-mandated services including 24/7 emergency shelter and crisis line, counseling, legal advocacy, safety planning, transportation, community education, and housing and financial support to help survivors and their families live in safety and independently from their abusive partner.

Even with the additional funds provided in 2022 and 2023, ZeroV programs still experienced 1,258 unmet requests for shelter (FY23) due to limitations in program shelter capacity and staffing. 34% of Kentucky women, and 14% of Kentucky men, experienced contact sexual violence, physical violence, and/or stalking with an intimate partner-related impact (IPV-Impact) in their lifetimes.

All the work we do is prevention work. Serving children, alleviating the impact of poverty, reducing homelessness, and pushing back against discrimination will lead to a Kentucky free from violence. State general funds are a critical part of this work

ZeroV is the statewide voice on ending intimate partner violence.