Merryman House Shopping List 2024

Household & Hygiene Items:

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Trash bags

Dish soap

Laundry pods/detergent

Dryer sheets

Disposable plates and bowls

Disposable utensils

Disposable cups

Diapers and pull-ups

Shampoo and conditioner

Body wash

Vegetable/fryer oil


Pancake mix



Non-Perishable, Individually Packaged Items:

Ground coffee

Powdered creamer

Cereal cups


Tuna Pouches

Chicken Pouches

Fruit Cups

Granola Bars

Snack Crackers

Mini beef ravioli cups

Mini beefaroni cups

Snack-size chips

Fruit snacks

Snack cakes

Mac & cheese cups

Cup noodles / Ramen

Juice boxes, bottles, pouches

Bottled water

Hot chocolate packets


Kroger gift cards