Our Values

Trust. Encourages connection, respect; builds confidence; allows for vulnerability without fear of judgment.

Integrity. Builds a strong brand and reputation in the community; promotes honesty and transparency in our work; creates a healthy work culture.

Kindness. Encourages empathy; develops a culture of gratitude; promotes health and well-being.

Inclusion. Promotes collaboration and teamwork; values, respects, and supports the dignity and worthiness of each person; ensures equitable access to resources; fosters belonging.

Collective Acceleration. Encourages bold and fearless movement (leaping forward) in mutuality with “our universe” (i.e., those with whom we work and interact, including systems); promotes wholeness and unity.

Liberation. Challenges systems of power and privilege to generate social equity and social justice.

Cultural Competency & Humility. Ensures survivors of IPV are afforded the presumptions of innocence, worthiness, and competence; instills awareness through self-reflection of internal biases and privilege.